DHL Stafetten 2023 - Menus

The Classic - for 5 people

NIGIRI Shake Yaki: Seared salmon Maguo: Yellowf ... Click to read more

995,00 kr.

The Green - for 1 person

EDAMAME Spicy edamame beans NIGIRI ... Click to read more

189,00 kr.

Side Orders

Most Japanese dishes are ‘small’. If you need a good appetiser, snack, or side for your dinner, we have the following dishes to offer.

Spicy Edamame Beans

Edamame beans with spicy miso

44,00 kr.

Green Tartare

Grilled broccoli marrow, ginger, yuzu,avocado, coriander ... Click to read more

84,00 kr.


Fried and served with black truffle goma.

58,00 kr.

Kani Korokke

Crab croquettes with wasabi caesar

99,00 kr.


Chicken with pickled red onion & wasabi caesar

99,00 kr.

Rice Paper Duck

Duck, pickled red onion, avocado, cucumber & coriande ... Click to read more

96,00 kr.


Yakitori, as the Japanese call them, are small, delicious pieces of grilled fish, meat, or vegetables. 

Aka Ebi

Argentinian red shrimp, spicy gochujang & garlic butter

112,00 kr.

Gyu Habu

Beef filet with miso herb butter

146,00 kr.

Shake Teriyaki

Salmon with teriyaki sauce & spring onion

66,00 kr.

Tsukune Chili

Chicken meatballs, chili dip, teriyaki & spring onions

62,00 kr.

Matr Chili

MATR Fungi food, chilli dip, teriyaki & spring onions ... Click to read more

54,00 kr.

Imo Yaki

Sweet potato, coriander cress & teriyaki

54,00 kr.


They are small but with good reason—the smaller they are, the more you can taste. Browse below

Gateau Marcel

Topped with Chocolate shavings

49,00 kr.

White Chocolate Mousse

Topped with liquorice & raspberry coulis

49,00 kr.